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Tab completation in exploitmode added. Use (-T) parameter.

parent b3377d4d
......@@ -199,9 +199,10 @@ class codeinjector(baseClass):
if (isUnix):
ls_cmd = "ls -m"
ls_cmd = "dir"
ls_cmd = "dir /B"
self._log("Epic Tab-completation enabled!", self.LOG_INFO)
self._log("Failed to setup readline module!", self.LOG_WARN)
self._log("Epicly failed to setup readline module!", self.LOG_WARN)
self._log("Falling back to default exploit-shell.", self.LOG_WARN)
......@@ -40,8 +40,10 @@ __version__ = "09_svn"
config = {}
head = "\nfimap v.%s by Iman Karim (\n"%__version__ +\
"~ Automatic LFI/RFI scanner and exploiter ~\n"
head = "fimap v.%s\n"%__version__
head += ":: Automatic LFI/RFI scanner and exploiter\n"
head += ":: by Iman Karim (\n"
pluginlist = ""
defupdateurl = ""
......@@ -102,6 +104,8 @@ def show_help(AndQuit=False):
print " -x , --exploit Starts an interactive session where you can"
print " select a target and do some action."
print " -T , --tab-complete Enables TAB-Completation in exploit mode. Needs readline module."
print " Use this if you want to be able to tab-complete thru remote"
print " files\dirs. Eats an extra request for every 'cd' command."
print "## Disguise Kit:"
print " -A , --user-agent=UA The User-Agent which should be sent."
print " --http-proxy=PROXY Setup your proxy with this option. But read this facts:"
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