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Fixed Bug #44

parent 0d350c82
......@@ -80,3 +80,6 @@ timeisflowing <>
John Blez <johnblez [ATOM]>
For reporting a missing regex.
Mruplink <>
For reporting a bug.
......@@ -620,18 +620,19 @@ class targetScanner (baseClass.baseClass):
if (rfi_mode == "local"): self._log("Testing remote inclusion dynamicly with local server...", self.LOG_INFO)
if (rep.getPrefix() == ""):
fl = up = None
quiz, answer = langClass.generateQuiz()
if (rfi_mode == "ftp"):
fl = settings["dynamic_rfi"]["ftp"]["ftp_path"] + rep.getAppendix()
up = self.FTPuploadFile(settings["php_info"][0], rep.getAppendix())
up = self.FTPuploadFile(quiz, rep.getAppendix())
# Discard the suffix if there is a forced directory structure.
if (not up["http"].endswith(rep.getAppendix())):
elif(rfi_mode == "local"):
up = self.putLocalPayload(settings["php_info"][0], rep.getAppendix())
up = self.putLocalPayload(quiz, rep.getAppendix())
if (not up["http"].endswith(rep.getAppendix())):
if (self.readFile(rep, up["http"], settings["php_info"][1], True)):
if (self.readFile(rep, up["http"], answer, True)):
self.addXMLLog(rep, "rxR", up["http"])
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