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Welcome to the fimap project!
fimap is a little python tool which can find, prepare, audit, exploit and even google automaticly for local and remote file inclusion bugs in webapps. fimap should be something like[sqlmap]( just for LFI/RFI bugs instead of sql injection. It's currently under heavy development but it's usable.
The goal of fimap is to improve the quality and security of**your** website.
**Do not use this tool on servers where you don't have permission to pentest!**
I am dead serious.
* * *
I'm trying twitter right now to announce cool SVN updates.
Feel free to follow:[](
If you don't like twitter like me then keep watching the Quick News below :)
## Quick News for SVN and upcoming versions
* <span style="text-decoration: line-through">Bing searching module implemented in SVN!</span> Currently broken :-O
* SSH-Logfiles can now be scanned and exploited through SSH username!
* You can now define which target to exploit and execute shell commands without the interactive exploit interface! ([FimapNonInteractiveExec](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapNonInteractiveExec))
* New experimental fallback plugin which you can try when just /etc/passwd (or any other only-readable file was found. ([FimapPhpInfoExploit](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapPhpInfoExploit))
* New fallback plugin for windows victims! ([FimapFindFirstFileExploit](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapFindFirstFileExploit))
## What works currently?
* Check a Single URL, List of URLs, or Google results fully automaticly.
* Can identify and exploit file inclusion bugs.
* Relative\Absolute Path Handling.
* Tries automaticly to eleminate suffixes with Nullbyte and other methods like Dot-Truncation.
* Remotefile Injection.
* Logfile Injection. ([FimapLogInjection](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapLogInjection))
* Test and exploit multiple bugs:
* include()
* include_once()
* require()
* require_once()
* You always define absolute pathnames in the configs. No monkey like redundant pathes like:
* ../etc/passwd
* ../../etc/passwd
* ../../../etc/passwd
* Has a Blind Mode (--enable-blind) for cases when the server has disabled error messages.[BlindMode](/p/fimap/wiki/BlindMode)
* Has an interactive exploit mode which...
* ...can spawn a shell on vulnerable systems.
* ...can spawn a reverse shell on vulnerable systems.
* ...can do everything you have added in your_payload-dict_ inside the_config.py_
* Add your own payloads and pathes to the file.
* Has a Harvest mode which can collect URLs from a given domain for later pentesting.
* Goto[FimapHelpPage](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapHelpPage) for all features.
* Works also on windows.
* Can handle directories in RFI mode like:
* <tt><? include ($_GET["inc"] . "/content/index.html"); ?></tt>
* <tt><? include ($_GET["inc"] . "_lang/index.html"); ?></tt>
* where Null-Byte is not possible.
* Can use proxys.
* Scans and exploits GET, POST and Cookies.
* Has a very small footprint. (No senseless bruteforcing of pathes - unless you need it.)
* Can attack also windows servers! ([WindowsAttack](/p/fimap/wiki/WindowsAttack))
* Has a tiny plugin interface for writing exploitmode plugins ([PluginDevelopment](/p/fimap/wiki/PluginDevelopment))
* Check out the PHPInfo() Exploit plugin:[FimapPhpInfoExploit](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapPhpInfoExploit)
* Non Interactive Exploiting ([FimapNonInteractiveExec](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapNonInteractiveExec))
## What doesn't work yet?
* Other languages than PHP (even if engine is ready for others as well.)
## Where can I see some examples?
* Goto[FimapExampleRuns](/p/fimap/wiki/FimapExampleRuns)
## Whats the quickest way to get fimap running on my machine?
* Goto[Download Page](
* Click[here](/p/fimap/wiki/DownloadAndRunFimap) if you prefer an SVN Snapshot.
* If you have[BackTrack]( you have it already! (/pentest/web/fimap)
## Where is the FAQ?
* Goto[FrequentlyAskedQuestions](/p/fimap/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions)
## What's coming next?
* Goto[WorkInProgress](/p/fimap/wiki/WorkInProgress)
## Is there a How To?
* Check out[this]( post by HR from[Kaotic Creations]( which explains fimap really good :) It's a tutorial for windows but I think unix heads should understand it as well.
## Other Stuff
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## Credits
* Main Developer:[Iman Karim](
* Trusted Plugins:
* Metasploit binding by[Xavier Garcia](mailto:xavi.garcia(atom)gmail(dot)com)
* Weevily Injector by[Darren "Infodox" Martyn](mailto:infodox(atom)insecurety(dot)net) from[](
* AES Reverse Shell by[Darren "Infodox" Martyn](mailto:infodox(atom)insecurety(dot)net) from[](
* Additional thanks goes out to:
* Peteris Krumins for[xgoogle]( python module.
* Pentestmonkey for[php-reverse-shell](
* Crummy for[BeautifulSoup](
* Zeth0 from[]( for
* Also thanks to:
* The[Python]( Project
* The[Eclipse]( Project
* The[Netbeans]( Project
* * *
## Tools and Sites I really like
* []( Luigi Auriemma
* []( Debian
* []( Sikuli
* []( Starcraft 2 - I really like Starcraft :)
* []( sqlmap
* []( Yakuake
* []( Virtual Box
## Links to Friends
* Very good music by Dextrous aka. Duckstrous! Check it out and give him love![](
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