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Add module documentation in form of examples

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;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; each cherry file represents a module and is specified through its path relative from LOADPATH
;; e.g. File: $LOADPATH/cherry/string.cherry corresponds to the module cherry.string
;; importing all symbols and functions from a module is done by import macro
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Imports all symbols from cherry/string.cherry under the namespace string.cherry
(import cherry.string)
(cherry.string/toupper "test")
;; Imports all symbols under a specified namespace
(import cherry.string str)
(str/toupper "test")
;; Imports a set of symbols
(import (cherry.string toupper))
;; Imports a set of symbols under a specific namespace
(import (cherry.string toupper) str)
(str/toupper "test")
;; Imports all symbols under the current namespace
(import cherry.string *)
(import (cherry.string toupper) *)
(toupper "test")
;; Imports all symbols from all modules in cherry
(import cherry.*)
;; Imports all modules into the current namespace
(import cherry.* *)
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